Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 22 and Ruby Shoesday: Spots and Stripes

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What: Red polka dot peep toes, Matalan
When: Tuesday, April 27
Where: Mostly running around trying to get my car fixed
With: Top (eBay); cropped trousers (Dorothy Perkins)

Why, yes, I DO seem to have a lot of red shoes from Matalan, don’t I?

Just a very quick Ruby Shoesday post today, because I’ve spent most of the day driving around to different garages: today was the dreaded MOT day (For the benefit of non-UK readers, this is the annual inspection all cars must have in order to be legal to drive), and of course my beloved old banger failed, which meant we had to find another garage who can do the repairs it needs to pass the test. So, a fun Tuesday, basically, and I’m guessing probably an expensive one, too. I don’t have the quote yet for repairs, but don’t car parts ALWAYS seem to cost the earth? Sigh.

Anyway, because of all of these fun times, I’m now really behind with work and only had time to snap a couple of quick pictures. I think of these as my Minnie Mouse shoes. And yes, they have polka dots on them. OF COURSE they do!

p.s. Can you believe this top was advertised as a DRESS? I mean, I’m only 5″3, but the fact I can tuck it into my trousers without any excess fabric to worry about speaks volumes!


  • I have a pair of shoes similar to those, the only difference is the spots are black, and funnily enough I think of them as my Minnie Mouse shoes too… whoever knew Minnie was so fashion forward. Good luck with the car.

    • I think it’s probably just because although I have a lot of shoes, prior to starting this challenge, I was in the habit of wearing the same ones over and over again, so I have a handful of reaaally scruffy pairs, and the rest only get worn occassionally, so they stay looking nice. (Although, to be fair, I also take good care of them – regular visits to the shoe repair man, etc!) The purpose of the shoe challenge, though, is to force me to actually wear all of them, so I guess the downside is that they’ll all start wearing out quicker! (And then I’ll need to buy new ones…)

  • So cute! And they meant the top was a dress? Well… I went to some cities this month… just came back yesterday 🙁 and I confess that the night dress code in some of the cities (will avoid names, of course…) could easily accept the top as a dress… sometimes girls were wearing skirts that could be a large belt… and so on! But anyway: top or dress, it looks very beautiful! And the shoes? I love red as well! Great choice!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..UK, UK, UK, iu-hu! =-.

    • I know what you mean… Absolutely everything at the moment seems to be super-short! I’m so tired of going out shopping and finding beautiful skirts or dresses and taking them into the changing room only to discover they’re so short I’d risk arrest for indecent exposure if I tried to wear them! And like I said, I’m relatively short, so I’ve no idea how tall, or even average-height people cope!

  • I love this outfit. I’m rather fond of Matalan shoes, they’re generously sized and cheap enough to tempt me to totally impractical- but beautiful shoes. I joined Ruby Shoesday with a gorgeous pair of suede and patent Mary-janes from Next!

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