Shoe Kryptonite | Christian Louboutin Merci Allen Vernis

Christian Louboutin Merci Allen Vernis

Christian Louboutin Merci Allen Vernis, £525

It’s been a while since I last found a shoe I liked enough to describe as Shoe Kryptonite, but if these shoes aren’t kryptonite, well, I don’t know what is. In fact, I’d probably have just sat here and stared at them aaaallll day, if it wasn’t for the fact that shoes as beautiful as these deserve to be shared – so here they are.

It’s not often I find myself liking a rounded toe over a pointed one, but these knock most other styles out of the park. It helps that the vamp is so low: rounded toes tend to look a bit less edgy than sharply pointed one, but these are so perfectly shaped that they manage to look super-sexy, with tons of toe-cleavage. Add in that curvy shape that Christian Louboutin does so very well, and you have a real pair of killer heels. Speaking of which, that heel is 130mm, so they’re not really made with long-distance walking in mind, but you could probably tell that just by looking at them, couldn’t you?

If that heel is just too high, however, perhaps Dorissima Vernis will be more your style?

Chrstian Louboutin pastel high heels

These come in various colours (I really like this baby blue, but they’re ALL pretty nice…)  and have a very similar shape to the shoes above, but come with a 100mm heel, and a slightly higher vamp. If shoe boots are more your thing, meanwhile, I absolutely love these ones:

Christian Louboutin high heeled shoe boots

Again, these have a 130mm heel and it looks like it’s going to put the foot at a pretty steep angle, but if you’re able to walk in them, they’d be a nice, winter alternative to any of the shoes above, and would look good with opaque tights, and anything else you fancy!


  • Wow! I love all of these. Particularly the shoe boots. Although they look like they might go bed with a naughty secretary outfit rather than normal day to day wear…! I’d better get saving.

  • Going with the kryptonite reference, wearing the Merci Allen Vernis with 13cm heels for me would be like having red kryptonite in control of my desires. I’d want to party all night and day. The saddling of the killer heels identity for many of the Louboutin heels may be a bit over exaggerated, for my CL’s of similar height have been quite comfortable even though I wear them for lengthy evening activities. I just wish the heel tips for stilettos could be made out of materials that would last longer. Keeping replacement tips on hand is not an option.

  • Anyone love wearing their stiletto heels to muddy events like me? I love the look of mud caked on my stiletto heels.

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