Sergio Rossi Chi Chi crackled leather pumps

Sergio Rossi chi chi


Sergio Rossi ‘Chi Chi’, £385

At first glance, I thought these shoes were covered in lots of tiny little crystals: on closer inspection, however, it proved to be simply a crackled leather upper, which makes them slightly less dressy, but possibly not quite as much as you’d think. This is still a very elegant, dressed-up kind of look, and cracked leather gives them a touch of added glamour, without the need for glitter or sequins. (For once.)

Of course, it wouldn’t really matter what that upper was made of: the colour of it was more than enough to grab my attention, and it’s the colour that sets these apart. Aquamarine is a shade that’s become more popular over the past couple of summers, but it’s still quite unusual, and a goes a long way towards making an otherwise unremarkable pump more interesting.

How to save these Sergio Rossi shoes?

Although I think you should be able to wear any colour at ANY time of year, this shade has a very spring/summer feel for me (Unsurprisingly, they’re part of the spring.summer collection), which led me to pair them with a floral-print dress, which picks up the colour of the shoes, and adds a few more shades which you can have fun accessorising with.

styling sergio rossi shoes

What to wear with aquamarine shoes:



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