Dune Bonty Studded Court Shoes

Dune Bonty Studded Court Shoes

Dune Bonty Studded Court Shoes, £90

I sometimes hesitate to feature black pumps here, because of all the many types of footwear out there, they’re the ones most often described as “boring”.

I think black pumps get a bad rap, though. For me at least, they’re definitely a shoe-shelf essential. And just because they’re something many of us consider a “staple”, they don’t necessarily have to be “boring” either, These Dune pumps, for instance, may have a simple shape and a plain black upper, but just look at the studs on the toes and heels, and what a difference they make to the overall effect. They’re still the kind of shoes you could wear almost anywhere (well, maybe not to the beach or for a walk in the country, but you know what I mean…), but they also have a little bit of pizazz about them, for those days you feel like getting dressed up, too.

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  • These are far from boring. I really like them, especially since the studs seem like they aren’t pointy and therefore likely to stab me or someone in the vicinity.

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