KG Kurt Gieger ‘Coco’ toecap pumps

KG Kurt Gieger 'Coco' toecap pumps

KG Kurt Gieger ‘Coco’ toecap pumps, £120

Yes, it’s another pair of toecap pumps. I KNOW. I have no excuse, either: well, not unless you count the fact that these are absolutely gorgeous, and look like they cost much more than £120, that is. And actually? I DO count those things. So, without further ado, let me present Kurt Geiger’s ‘Coco’, which also comes in plain black, as well as the two shades shown above.

Just in case you hadn’t guessed, I love these, and think they’re definitely one of the more elegant takes on this particular trend. Although I can generally be counted on to go crazy for anything black and white, it’s the pink/burgundy colourway which steals the show here. These are two colours I probably wouldn’t have put together myself, but I really like the way they’re turned out: what do you think?

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