Heroes or Villains? Topshop ‘Weaver’ raffia wedge sandals

Topshop 'Waver' raffia sandals


I’ve spoken a lot about raffia lately: like the coral shades I mentioned earlier today, it’s one of those things that we can expect to see rather a lot of at this time of year. Do you expect to see quite this much of it, though? Well, these shoes are from Topshop, who have a tendency to push trends to the absolute limit, and the thinking here seems to have been something along the lines of “if raffia is good, then LOTS of raffia must be even better!” The result is these ‘Weaver’ wedges, which come in pink, grey and “straw”, and have a very rustic feel to them. In fact, they’re very aptly named, because I now have a mental image of a little old man sitting outside a stone cottage in the sunshine, diligently weaving these shoes. Oh, and it’s the 18th century in this little scenario. Aaaand now I’ve taken things just a little too far, so I’ll stop talking about 18th century weavers and simply ask you what you think of these shoes?

Are they shoeper-heroes or shoeper-villains?

Topshop Weaver

Topshop Weaver wedges

Topshop ‘Weaver’ raffia sandals, £65
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