New Look pale blue suedette platforms

pale blue shoes

New Look pale blue suedette platforms, £19.99

One of the most popular posts on the site last week was the one featuring those baby blue Alexander McQueen pumps, so for those of you who loved them, here’s a much more affordable version, from good ol’ New Look. No, they don’t have the same, elegant shape as the designer shoe, but they don’t have the $675 price tag either, and for £19.99, you’re getting a pretty serviceable pair of pumps, in one of the hottest colours of the season. Oh, and if you’re not into blue, these also come in mint green, coral, black and hot pink. In THAT mix of colours, is it any wonder they ended up on

Given the very low price, it’ll come as no surprise at all to you to learn that these aren’t real suede. Such a pale colour probably isn’t going to last more than a couple of seasons, though, regardless of what it’s made of (or not if they belonged to me, they wouldn’t!), so unless you live in a very dry climate, or are particularly skilled at keeping pale colours clean, that may not be too big a deal. These have a 4.5″ heel, and a small platform, but are mostly relying on the colour to make them stand out. It’s working, too: it’s such a gorgeous shade of blue that I’m starting to think it wouldn’t actually matter what the attached shoe looked like, I’d still love it!

What to wear with pale blue shoes?

what to wear with pale blue shoes

skirt // sweater // sunglasses // bag 

I’d apologise for showing you yet another polka dot item, but I consider it my duty to tell everyone about this cute little Dorothy Perkins skirt, and that way, at least it’ll be out of temptation’s way when it sells out in my size. Sounds like a plan, no?



  • The shoes are cute but I’m not much of a fan of fake suede. I think it’s because I’d be a bit worried that the material wouldn’t be as soft and could blister my feet.

    I’m in love with both those glasses and that skirt and I am so thrilled that they are both super cheap (I was especially surprised by the sunglasses as I thought they would be expensive).

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