Gianvito Rossi gold strappy sandals

gold cage heel

gold strappy sandals

Gianvito Rossi gold strappy sandals, £585

Here’s another example of a shoe that’ll make you want to start walking into rooms backwards (Because who wouldn’t want to show off that amazing heel?), AND another shoe by Gianvitto Rossi, which is fast becoming one of my favourite brands. Well, one of my favourite FANTASY brands, I should say: these are £585, so I’m under no illusions about actually getting to wear them, but they’re very, very pretty to look at!

As I said, although these shoes look good from every angle, it’s the heel that’s the stand-out detail here. Typically of Gianvito Rossi, it’s much higher than we’re used to seeing, and has something of an art deco effect to it, which is really beautiful. The slim straps are picked up at the front of the shoe, and these also have a high stiletto heel, which is the perfect compliment to the delicate, “barely there” design. I’m always impressed by the many ways in which designers manage to keep on re-inventing the strappy sandal like this: there’s not a whole lot of material to work with here, but the end result is stunning, while being subtle enough to work with just about any dress you care to pair them with.

What to wear with these shoes?

Fanatsy shoes deserve a fantasy dress to go with them, so I paid a (virtual) visit to my old friends Dolce & Gabbana, and, as usual, I wasn’t disappointed. This is a real dream of a dress, although once you see the price tag, that dream very quickly turns into a nightmare:

What to wear with Gianvito Rossi’s gold strappy sandals:

what to wear with gianvito rossi gold sandals

dress // bag // sunglasses // belt // bracelet

On the plus side, the bag is only £25: at least that’s one part of this fantasy outfit that actually stands a chance of becoming a reality!

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