Irregular Choice Cortesan ‘Woof’ Court Shoes

I’ve always loved the shape of Irregular Choice’s Cortesan courts, which, as you probably know, come in a variety of different uppers, some of which are cute, and some of which are just plain kitsch or crazy.

Which category does this version fall into, I wonder? It’s called ‘Woof’, and here’s why:

Yup, it’s a little Scottie dog on a leash. And I know I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t help but go “aww!” when I look at the little guy. What do you think of these? If you love them, they’re £59.99 at Schuh.


  • Such a coincidence, 5 min ago I just posted something about IC! I like Irregular Choice, and I like these shoes too… although I would buy a different pair, let’s say, more “wearable” (don’t get me wrong, they are wearable, for sure, I meant… a bit more plain then, with bows, flowers, etc…!) But they are adorable!

  • Who can’t go awwww at these shoes? However I don’t love them enough to buy them. Sorry little scottie dog.

  • I love Irregular Choice. I was on their website last night wishing that all their shoes would spontaneously appear at my doorstep. It did not happen.

  • As a child, I was given a sweater for Christmas that had a detail almost exactly like this across the chest. It was a beautiful sweater, other than that- which is how I feel about these shoes.

  • They’re absolutely adorable when they just stand there. Interestingly they don’t look so good when worn (just watch for yourselves at the linked website) – or at least not with bare legs. In my opinion these are meant to be worn with opaque tights and jeans.

  • If my name would be Dorothy and I would have to walk on the yellow brick road, I would sooo get them! 🙂

  • I think that I need those. Grey flannel and a little dog seems just perfect for autumn (I teach history at University so I can wear pretty much what I like to work as long as it’s decent and clean).

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