Oscar de la Renta ‘Mimi’ polka dot pumps

oscar de la renta mimi

Oscar de la Renta ‘Mimi’, $375

Did anyone else happen to catch Lindsay Lohan’s Oprah interview a few weeks ago?

And did anyone else find themselves with one eye on the amazing, polka dot shoes Lindsay was wearing, and the other on their phones, as they frantically Googled, “Where to find Lindsay Lohan’s polka dot shoes?”  or “Who made those amazing polka dot shoes?” Or was that just me?

If you DID catch that interview, and if you loved those shoes as much as I did, you probably already know that they’re by Oscar de la Renta, they’re called ‘Mimi’, and as well as the black-on-white version worn by la Lohan, they also come in a white-on-black colour way, with a slightly smaller dot pattern. What you might not know, however,  is that they’re currently on sale, down to $375 from the original $625, and while not all sizes are available, with two different uppers to choose from, you might just get lucky.

How to save polka dot shoes?

Although these have a statement print, the fact that the base colour is either black or white actually makes them relatively easy to style: you can wear them more-or-less how you’d wear a plain shoe in these colours, with the polka dot print serving to make the look a little more fun. I though the white version looked fantastic with the bright orange dress Linday Lohan was wearing on Oprah (I never thought I’d hear myself praising either bright orange dresses OR Lindsay Lohan, but hey!): mixing prints is concerned a very “edgy”, fashion-forward thing to do, and there are entire blog posts out there dedicated to how to do it, but in general, I prefer to wear prints with block colours, keeping the look simple, with one focal point – in this case, the shoes:

what to wear with polka dot shoes

What to wear with polka dot shoes


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