Zara floral print pointed court shoes

floral print blue court shoes

Zara court shoes, £29.99

I know floral prints are ubiquitous at this time of year, but one of the best things about them is the fact that there’s no end to the amount of variation that’s possible with the same print. “Floral print” can refer to anything from a delicate ditsy to a very bold poppy print or similar, and numerous other styles and colours in between. In this case, it takes the shape of a very muted, watercolour-style floral, which ends in a block coloured toe, in a beautiful cobalt blue. It’s one of the more unusual floral prints I’ve seen recently, and at £29.99, it’s also one of the least expensive, which is always welcome news.

While we’re on the subject of floral print, I know I’ve featured Topshop’s ‘Gwenda’ pumps a few times now, but I just can’t allow this new floral version to go un-commented upon:

floral print court shoes

This is a totally different print from the one shown above, although the basic shape of the shoe is very similar. I love both of these, so I’d find it hard to choose between them. Which would you go for?

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