Gianvito Rossi embellished transparent slingbacks

transparent slingback shoes shoes with embellished slingbacl

crystal heels

Gianvito Rossi slingbacks, 780 euros

Now that I’ve been fully won-over by transparent shoes, they seem to be popping up everywhere, and each pair I find is even more gorgeous than the last. Trust me, I’m as surprised as you probably are to be typing that sentence about plastic shoes, of all things.

These ones are by Gianvito Rossi, and have a similar style to some of the lucite Louboutins I’ve shown you lately, with a mostly clear upper surrounded by thin bands of crystals, to create a “barely there” look on the foot. I’ve said it before about this style of shoe, but they really are fairytale heels as far as I’m concerned, and would make me feel every inch the modern-day Cinderella. These slippers may not be glass, exactly, but glass slippers never sounded particularly comfortable to me anyway, and I think I’d much rather have shoes I could actually WEAR!

As for where you’d wear them, exactly, well, the sparkling gems on the heels and straps makes them very much an evening shoe, but My Theresa have actually shown them styled with a fairly casual outfit, and, of course, the fact that they’re transparent means they will work with literally everything. I think it would be great fun to wear shoes like this all the time, just to see the reactions you’d get, but for 780 euros, you may well prefer to save them for a very special occasion. Whatever you wear them with, though, at least you’ll know your feet are well dressed!

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