Review | Zara yellow silk satin court shoes

Zara silk satin court shoes in yellow

yellow high heel shoes

When I first discovered these shoes, back in August, I mentioned that they were definitely going to be the next shoes on my hit list. Unfortunately, though, August was also the month I moved house, and moving house is expensive, so as much as I loved the shoes, I really couldn’t justify buying them right at that moment.

Still, not to worry: as I mentioned in that post, Zara’s stock levels have been much better lately than they used to be. No more do you have to pounce on something the second it appears on the website, or risk losing it forever, so I was fairly content the shoes would stick around for a few weeks at least.

And they did. Those shoes stayed in stock for a good couple of months: right up until last week, in fact, when I went to check on them, and discovered they were sold out in all but the UK size 3. I wear a UK size 4. Oh.

Well, I wasn’t beaten yet, so I did what I always do in these situations, and headed over to eBay to see if anyone was selling them there. As it happened, someone WAS selling them there. For £86, plus an additional £18 to ship them from Hungary. Oh. Now, I realise why eBay sellers do this, but I have a rule of not spending more than the retail price for something I find on eBay, so there was just no way I was going to spend £104 for Zara shoes which had originally been priced at just £59.99. (No judgement on people who ARE willing to spend that much, by the way: as I said, it’s just a personal rule of mine.)

So, UK size 3, you say?

Now, I don’t particularly recommend doing what I did next. In my defence, I’ve always found Zara shoe sizing to be a bit random, and although most of the shoes I’ve owned from there have been a size 4, I’ve also owned a few pairs of size 3s, and there have been quite a few times when I’ve been trying shoes on in-store, and have found the 3 to be the better fit. Would that be the case with these shoes, I wondered? Well, probably not, to be perfectly honest. But I was willing to spend £3.95 (the delivery charge) to find out, and given that the size 3s were my only shot of getting these shoes for anything LIKE the retail price, I decided to give it a go and order them anyway.

So I did. And I’m pretty sure I got the very last pair, because when I checked back the next day (I was assuming the size 4 would be back in stock as soon as I’d ordered the smaller size!) they were sold out altogether. Even so, I wasn’t hopeful. The shoes would arrive, and would almost immediately have to be sent right back, I assumed, because what were the odds of this being one of the times when the sizing ran large?

Well, as it happens, my luck was in. The shoes arrived, I pulled them from the box and… they fit! Miracle of miracles!

Don’t get me wrong: the fit isn’t perfect. They’re a little smaller than I would ideally like, but only a little: I’d say the fit feels more like a small size 4 than a regular size 3. Since they arrived, I’ve been wearing them around the house  a fair bit, which has helped convince me I made the right decision: shoes with toes as pointed as these ones are never going to be what you’d call “comfortable”, exactly, but they’re no less UNcomfortable than the other shoes I own in this size, so I think my gamble paid off. I’m really glad it did, too, because I absolutely LOVE these shoes: they’re just as beautiful in real life as they looked on the website, and I think the bright yellow colour is amazing. This is a shade I wear fairly often – I find yellow shoes almost as versatile as red ones – so I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of them too.

These are currently sold out on the Zara website, but if you want to check and see if they come back in stock, you can find the product page here: you never know your luck!


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