Shoe Deja Vu: Christian Louboutin ‘Lady Page’ Vs Frida ‘Charol’ pumps

Christian Louboutin’s ‘Lady Page’ pumps were one of my favourite styles from the past couple of years, and I’m pretty sure you can see why. They’re classic, elegant and oh-so-glamorous – in fact, Dita Von Teese seemed to wear her pair non-stop last year, which says it all, really.

The problem? They were almost $1000. Luckily, though, the good ol’d high street has come to the rescue again, and yesterday I spotted these Frida pumps at Spartoo. These shoes are £132, which isn’t exactly cheap, obviously, but which starts to seem cheap (well, almost) compared to their designer sisters.

Viewed side-by-side, you can easily tell which is which, but I think the Frida version still makes for a gorgeous, sophisticated looking black pump, with its similarly shaped ruffle detail and black patent uppers.

Like them? If so, you can click here to buy them. The Louboutins, meanwhile, are now out of stock, but the peep toe version (Miss ChaCha) came out last Autumn, so I live in hope of a re-issue of this gorgeous shoe. Maybe in red, say. Or green. Or anything, really…


  • I may be biased knowing that the pair on the left is a Christian Louboutin one… and although the Frida ones are gorgeous… that red sole is “all”! Well… for $1000… it’s not possible anyway, but lovely lovely shoes!

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