Pink mega platform court shoes from Dorothy Perkins


These shoes are another example of the huge platforms that are oh-so-fashionable at the moment so, aside from the bright pink colour, at first glance there’s not a whole lot to set them apart from the rest of the shoes we’ve been seeing in this style.

What’s different about these ones, however, is the price: these are just £38 at Dorothy Perkins, which makes them much more affordable than the very similar styles Office, Kurt Geiger et al (not to mention Yves Saint Laurent) have been bringing out, especially for a shoe that you probably wouldn’t get a huge amount of wear out of. Certainly not if you tend to do lots of walking, anyway…

Pink mega platform court shoes, £38, Dorothy Perkins

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  • i saw these in a pale pink with a nude platform in heat magazine, but i havent seen them on the website do you know where else i could get them?

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