Schutz ‘Dalla’ platform sandals

Schutz ‘Dalla’ platform sandals, $225

Anyone planning a winter sun getaway? Or living in a country that’s still warm right now? Lucky you, if so. I don’t fall into either of those categories, much to my chagrin, but if I did, I’d be all over these Schutz ‘Dalla’ sandals – which I’m actually tempted to get anyway, and hide away until next year, to be honest. At least that way I won’t miss out on them, AND I’ll get to feel like I’m getting new shoes TWICE, which is always awesome, right?

Anyway, these are basically the perfect resort wear, as far as I’m concerned. The woven upper, wooden heel/platform and gold studs all scream ‘wear me at a luxury resort’ to me, and as much as I’d love to be able to grant then that wish, it’s just not an option, I’m afraid, so here as some other Shopbop picks I’ve been coveting instead:

Meli Melo tan satchel

This Meli Melo handbag has been on my Shopbop wishlist for absolutely ages now: despite the fact that my handbag collection has grown faster than my shoe collection this year, I’ve yet to find the perfect tan satchel – or rather, I’ve found it (this one, just in case that wasn’t clear!), but I just can’t afford it. This is absolutely gorgeous, though, and would go with absolutely everything: if only!

black silk blouse

I’ve been on a mission to invest in high-quality basics this year, and one of the items on my list is a silk blouse – or maybe four, because this one comes in black, white, nude and navy, and I honestly think I’m going to need them ALL. I mean, that wouldn’t be excessive, would it? My budget isn’t going to stretch to that either, unfortunately, so I think black would probably be the most sensible option for this time of year. Or white. Or navy. Or… OH GOD.

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