New Look glitter platform sandals

new look glitter platform sandals

New Look glitter platform sandals, £34.99

I swear I just went to the New Look website last week to look at practical boots for winter – but oh hey, look what I walked away with!

Not literally, I hasted to add: I didn’t actually buy them, but it turns out I can’t even think about boring old boots when there’s so much glitter in front of me, so here they are – and now all you have to do is work out whether you’d go for the gold version or the silver. Or the black, which is also available. Spoilt for choice, huh? Well, they ARE only £34.99, so at least that’s something.  To be completely honest, with you, though, despite having my head momentarily turned by all the sparkles, the blocky heel does put me off slightly, which means I’d probably go for these red pumps over any of them:

New Look red high heels

These shoes are nothing you haven’t seen before, obviously – more than once, in fact – but I’ll never stop liking this style of bow: or telling you how much I love red shoes! These ones also come in black, but as much as I love THEM, I’m also drawn to these shoe boots:

black patent shoe boots

They’re pretty fierce – if you’ll excuse the expression – and they’re also exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for lately. My existing black shoe boots are in constant rotation at this time of year, and recently I’ve been wishing I had a slightly higher pair, to wear with my midi skirts and dresses. These ones have a longer toe than I’d ideally like, but at £29.99 they’re not so expensive to make them too much of a risk to give them a go and see what they look like on: let’s just hope nothing else manages to sneak into the order at the same time!

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