Topshop ‘Laila’ glitter star platforms

Topshop 'Laila' glitter star platforms

Topshop ‘Laila’ glitter star platforms, £56

For some reason, this style of shoe is one I always associate with Topshop: maybe because it has that “cool girl” vibe to it that good ol’ Toppers do so well? That same vibe is the very reason I won’t be buying these, of course – that chunky heel and low strap is something that would look very matronly on me, but which one of those aforementioned ‘cool girls’ would absolutely rock.

These might not be my style, but I do appreciate the mix of ink-blue velvet and silver glitter. Add in the star print on the heel, and this is a shoe that hints at winter evenings spent dressed to the nines, in a crumbling old mansion house somewhere in England. No, I’ve no idea why that just occurred to me, but that’s image that sprang to mind, somehow! These also come in black, and if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, there’s even an ankle boot version:

star print ankle boots

Love it. Wouldn’t wear it either, but I still love it.

Back in the world of chunky-heeled sandals, how about these?

pom pom sandals

I do love a good marabou sandal: there’s just something very decadent and “old Hollywood glamour” about them. I feel like owning shoes like these would instantly transform me into the kind of glamourpuss who swans around in a silk robe, drinking champagne for lunch. Well, OK, maybe not that last bit – I mean, I’d never get any work done, would I? – but there’s definitely something undeniably glamorous about them, isn’t there? It’s unusual to see them attached to what I think of as a “sensible” heel, but that should make them a touch more practical – not that “practical” is a word you’d really associate with shoes like these, is it?

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