Paul & Betty two-tone pumps

Paul & Betty two-tone peep toe shoes


Paul & Betty peep toes, £119

Inspired by my most recent Paul & Betty purchase, I decided to investigate what else the brand had to offer, and quickly fell in love with these gorgeous two-tone peep toes, which are down to £119 from the original £170, at

These have all of the elegance I’ve come to expect from this brand, which I think really excels at creating classic, elegant shapes, and than giving them a little bit of a modern twist, whether it be in the form of a fun print, an unusual colour choice, or an unexpected detail. In this case, the black and cream colourway is timeless and sophisticated, and would make these ideal for the office, say. This blue and orange version, on the other hand…

blue and orange peep toes

… is a different matter altogether. These are two colours it wouldn’t occur to me to throw together (To be honest, it just wouldn’t normally occur to me to wear orange AT ALL…) but they work perfectly together, and give the shoe a much bolder look, without detracting from the simplicity of the style. If you’d rather have LESS contrast rather than more, however, there’s also a “blue on blue” version available, which is much more subtle: that version is almost sold out, however, and the only size left is the very hard-to-find UK size 2 – as I mentioned in my last Paul & Betty review, this is one of only a few brands which stocks small sizes, so if you happen to wear a size 2, you may have even more reason to check them out than most!

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