Christian Louboutin Filove Patent

Christian Louboutin Filove 100 Christian Louboutin Filove 100 in black patent

low vamp on Christian Louboutin Filove 100 pumps

Christian Louboutin Filove 100, £545

These shoes have what has to be one of the lowest vamps I’ve ever seen. The transparent section on the top of the toe goes almost all the way to the tip, meaning that only the very tops of your toenails will be exposed in them. You all know what that means, right? Yup:


Also people repeatedly telling you your shoes are “obviously” too small (as if you’re too stupid to be able to tell on your own whether your shoes fit or not), because they equate exposed toes with too-small shoes, and can’t seem to separate the two.

Then there are the people who understand that the shoes are designed to look like that, but who just HATE it, and will react as if you’ve just kicked a kitten in the shoes, as opposed to simply revealing that you have toes (the horror!).

Yes, there’s no doubt that toe cleavage inspires some pretty strong reactions in people, so I’m not expecting these to be the most popular Friday Fix of all time. If you’re a fan of low-vamped shoes, though, you just might love these, because that vamp is the difference between a lovely, classic shoe, and a still-lovely, but much more unusual one. I’d still like these if the toe was filled in – the shape and bow are both stunning in their own right – but as they are, I’m just itching to try them on to see what they look like when worn.

What do you think of them?

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  • I think they are so lovely, one of my favorite pairs of Louboutins. The cleavage is fine, there is the bow to “hide” it a little

  • I love these, they’re cute and classy at the same time. I’ve no issues with the transparent section or toe cleavage.

  • I don’t mind toe cleavage at all. However, the vamp on these is so low, I can’t imagine what they would look like on the foot. Just gives me an excuse to try them on 😛 I like these shoes a lot, although perhaps not as much as the Pigalles made using the same mesh+bow detail, that have been one of my favourites for a very long time.

    That being said, if anyone wants to buy me these, I won’t stand in your way…

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