Moda in Pelle ‘Supreme’ barely-there jewel sandals

Moda in Pelle barely there sandals Moda in Pelle barely there sandals

Moda in Pelle ‘Supreme’ sandals, £109.95

Pedicures at the ready, everyone: the “barely-there” sandal is one of the big looks of the season, and these Moda in Pelle heels have arrived just in time for the warmer weather. Hopefully.

Actually, scratch that: you won’t need to worry about the weather with these shoes, because they’re the kind of footwear that’s designed for (mostly indoor) evening events, of the “very special occasion” kind. I mean, you could TRY to get away with jewel-laden sandals on a regular Thursday morning if you really wanted to, but I suspect that most people who buy these will have some kind of event in mind. If that’s the case, then these sandals would be a good choice: as with most barley-there styles, they’ll work with every colour and style under the sun, and although the perspex upper is designed not to be seen, the heavily embellished straps are definitely fancy enough to feel appropriately “special”.

I think these shoes work really well with the perspex front: the jewels on the straps are more than enough detail for one shoe, so they require a somewhat toned-down upper to work. As for what they’d work WITH, meanwhile: well, I’ve predictably gone for a very feminine, big-skirted look – mostly because I’ve been wanting to show you this skirt for a while now:

What to wear with barely-there sandals:

what to wear with barely there sandals

skirt // cami // bag // necklace // hairband // shrug // nail polish

This is from Alice Temperely’s ‘Somerset’ diffusion line, so while it’s still expensive at £130, it’s not quite as heart-stopping as the regular Temperely line, and only a little bit more expensive than the shoes themselves. Oh, and it’s also absolutely gorgeous, and just made for twirling around in and pretending you’re a fairytale princess: even if it IS just an ordinary Thursday morning in March.

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