Shoe Kryptonite | Kate Spade ‘Collana’ heart front peep toes

Kate Spade 'Collana' heart peep toes

Kate Spade 'Collana' heart peep toes Kate Spade 'Collana' heart peep toes

Kate Spade ‘Collana’ heart-front peep toes, £288

Kate Spade can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned – in fact, I’d say the brand is one of my absolute favourites right now – but these ‘Collana’ peep toes are very, very right. Especially in red. Also in pink, though. And, you know, I LOVE the black version, too. Can I have all three? What’s that you say? “Only in my dreams?” Oh well, in that case I may as well just dream on…

These shoes are Kryptonite for me, not just because of the colours, but because of the heart on the toe. Well, MOSTLY because of the heart on the toe, let’s be honest. It has a playful, fairytale feel to it – the red version in particular has a real “Queen of Hearts” vibe, don’t you think? – and is ever-so-slightly cartoonish, but in the best possible way. I think the baby pink (or even the red) version would make a wonderful bridal shoe, while the black is that classic-with-a-twist kind of shoe, which always makes a great addition to the shoe closet.

What to wear with heart-front shoes?

I chose the red version of these shoes to style (because, OBVIOUSLY), and decided to run with the “Alice in Wonderland” theme I mentioned above, so this outfit is perhaps a little bit too “cartoony” for day-to-day wear. I was imagining the kind of thing Dita Von Teese might wear on one of her more casual days (Although obviously it would be quite dressed-up for most of us!), so the red lipstick is just as integral to the look as the heart-front shoes are:

what to wear with heart front shoes

top // skirt // bag // earrings // necklace // nail polish // lipstick // sunglasses 

Of course, the black shoes would also work with an outfit like this, and as for the pink ones, well, those will work with absolutely everything.*



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