Shoe Deja Vu | Christian Louboutin ‘Madame Mouse’ Vs Jeffrey Campbell ‘Minnie’

Jeffrey Campbell Minnie and Christian Louboutin Madame Mouse

One is flat while the other is heeled, but there’s no mistaking the “inspiration” behind these Jeffrey Campbell ‘Minnie’ flats, is there? The shape of the bow/ears and its placement on the very low-cut, pointed vamp, makes it (almost) a dead ringer for Christian Louboutin’s ‘Madame Mouse’ from last summer. And here I was thinking Jeffrey Campbell had stopped drawing so much “inspiration” from other designers!

I absolutely loved the ‘Madame Mouse’ pumps, and insisted on trying them on every time I saw a pair last summer. My family all insisted they were utterly ridiculous, but I think those “ears” are close enough to the shape of a very stylised bow to make them wearable. They’re whimsical in the best way, in other words, and they were just as amazing in bright red as they are in this black patent.

As for the Jeffrey Campbell version, well, given how much I like the style, I obviously like those too, although I think they’re nicer from the front than from the side: I’ve never been very keen on flats which have a little, blocky heel, which these do:

Jeffrey Campbell Minnie flats

When I saw these shoes on their own, I was immediately struck by what I thought was a pretty accurate resemblance to the Louboutin shoe. When you see the two side-by-side, however, it’s obvious which is the designer version and which the copy: the Louboutin bow is larger and more structured, and the toe pointier. As they’re no longer available, however, you may find the JC version to be a good enough alternative – so long as you don’t mind where the inspiration came from!


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