Yellow and green spring court shoes from Zara

yellow high heel shoes

green high heel shoes

Zara court shoes, £25.99

Spring is most definitely in the air (At last! At last!), and what could be more spring-like than shoes in yellow and green? I mean, obviously you would’t wear both of these shoes at the same time, but seeing them together reminds me of a daffodil. I’d be tempted to buy both, just for that reason. And also because they’re only £25.99 each, so buying more than one colour wouldn’t be quite as extravagant as you might think.

These are a part of Zara’s spring collection, a fair bit of which has already made its way into my closet. It’s full of perfect pastel shades, spots and stripes, and that’s before you even get to the shoe section. These shoes, meanwhile, are the type of basic which the brand releases every season, varying only the colours. They have almond toes, man-made uppers (You’d have guessed that from the price, of course), and a heel height of just over 4″. Although I’ve described them as “basic”, the bright colours make them anything but, and they’re the kind of thing that will look fabulous with jeans, giving them a fresh new feel.

They’ll also look good with colourful trousers, and speaking of which:

what to wear with yellow shoes | spring outfit

What to wear with yellow shoes:

trousers // top // necklace //bag // watch // ring

Zara have tons of tailored trousers in at the moment, in a huge selection of colours – in fact, I’m wearing a pair of them as I write this. I really like this lemon pair, which will go with so many of the other spring pastels that are around at the moment: I’ve continued the “daffodil” theme I mentioned above by going for mint green, but these shoes (and the trousers, for that matter), will also look good with pale pink or baby blue, either of which are hard to find at the moment!

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