Zara yellow satin bow court shoes

yellow high heeled court shoe with bow at toe

yellow pointed toe court shoes with bows

yellow stiletto heels

Zara silk satin high heeled court shoes, £59.99

Well, it looks like I’ve identified my next shoe obsession.

I feel in love at first sight with these yellow Zara heels, which have a satin upper, a super-pointed toe and a flat bow. As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of yellow, particularly on shoes, where it can provide a wonderful and unusual dash of colour to your look. Although this is a particularly vibrant shade, I think it would still be easy enough to wear: I love yellow with pale blue, but I’ve also worn yellow shoes with cream, white and basic black, and I think these would look fantastic with a pair of dark denim jeans, too. If you’re still at a loss for something to wear them with, there are still lots of floral prints around for fall, and if you can find one with even just a dash of yellow in it, these will work perfectly.

As for the shape, well, I think I’ve probably said all I’ll ever need to say about pointed toe court shoes, so I will simply note that these are a particularly nice example of the style, and (from the photos at least), look much more expensive than they are: if I hadn’t been looking at them on the Zara website, I could have easily been convinced that they were a designer brand.

These are £59.99, and I’ve noticed that Zara seem to be doing a little better with their stock levels lately (i.e. you no longer have to pounce on something the second you see it, or risk it selling out instantly), so if they’re still there by pay day, well, I just might not be able to stop myself. I will, of course, report back with a shoe review if I do decide to take the plunge!

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  • I like these even more than the blue shoes from the last post! Actually, I don’t have to choose between them do I? Because I’m not sure I can.

  • I walked into Zara a couple of weeks ago with the intention of buying an outfit for a certain event (I definitely didn’t need shoes, though). I had a budget in mind and really needed to stick to it.

    I spotted these and it took my brain approximately 1/5728539485th of a second to decide that I was going to have them. They are as gorgeous as you imagine them to be from the photo, & have the magical effect of putting a smile on the face of anyone who so much as looks at them. Needless to say, I walked out of Zara with these shoes & nothing else.

    If it isn’t already clear, I’m in love with these shoes. I haven’t even put them away with the rest of my shoes. They’re always in the middle of my room somewhere where I can see them. Apparently, the fact that I haven’t worn them yet makes no difference to their having a meaningful presence in my life.

    Oh, do get them!

  • I really would love to purchase a pair of ZARA YELLOW SATIN BOW COURT SHOES….. Size 41….I wont mind having them as second hand at all…..
    Thank you……..

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