Moschino Cheap & Chic red brogues

red patent high heel brogues

Moschino Cheap & Chic, £269.59

I’ve said it before, but brogues aren’t really my thing. If I was going to buy a pair of brogues, though – and if I had £269 to spend on that pair if brogues – these are the ones I’d buy. Actually, these ones might just have reversed by opinion of this style in general, because they’re not just nice “for brogues”, which is how I normally judge shoes like this: they’re pretty nice in general, don’t you think?

Much of my appreciation for these shoes stems from the shape of the toe. Brogues are often described as “masculine” or menswear-inspired, but there’s nothing particularly “masculine” about red patent heels, and this pair has a particularly elegant shape, too. I think the gold hardware on the front is an excellent finishing touch, too, and gives the shoes an almost nautical feel, which isn’t something I generally associate with a brogue!

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