Rene Caovilla butterfly-embellished sandals

Rene Caovilla butterfly-embellished sandals

Rene Caovilla butterfly-embellished sandals, £750

I think these shoes deserve a moment’s silence, don’t you? They’re shoes so pretty you don’t really need to talk about them: all you have to do is sit and stare at them for a while, and feel happy to know that they exist – even if they’re so extortionately priced that you’d never in your wildest dreams be able to afford them. And by “you”, I obviously mean “me”.

These are very typical of Rene Caovilla, right down to the butterly details on the straps. This is a brand that specialises in making delicate, feminine footwear, in a style that looks like it stepped right out of a fairytale. These sandals are no exception, but they’re not the only shoes to fall into that particular category: just take a look at  these, for instance:

gold glitter sandals gold glitter sandals

Oscar Tiye gold glitter sandals, £450

I had to show you the back view of these as well as the side view, because no matter how you look at them, these are just spectacular. They use the familiar “wings on your feet” motif to amazing effect, and the gold glitter upper provides an extra dose of glamour: not that it’s really needed on a shoe like this.

These ones, meanwhile, are less unusual, but no less beautiful:

gold pointed court shoes

Lucy Choi gold glitter court shoes, £195

This is a style I never get tired of, no matter how often I see it done: and let’s face it, we see a lot of pointed court shoes with bows on the toe, don’t we? These ones have a gold glittered upper, which is slightly more understated than the glitter shoes above, but still very special. And at £195, they’re definitely expensive, but compared to the previous two pairs, they seem almost affordable. Almost.

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