ASOS ‘Stand Out’ low heeled pink velvet pumps

ASOS 'Stand Out' low heeled pink velvet pumps

ASOS ‘Stand Out’ low heeled pink velvet pumps, £35

These shoes are called ‘Stand Out’ and it’s a pretty good name for them, because, well, they really do stand out, don’t they? Or for now, at least: this kind of style is actually becoming increasingly common from ASOS, so perhaps the future will be filled with velvet uppers, low heels and giant flower decorations? You never know: I’d never have predicted that Birkenstocks would’ve become so popular a few seasons ago, so now I refrain from making any predictions when it comes to footwear trends: it’s safest that way.

These shoes look a little too delicate for outdoor use (I’d have those pale velvet uppers ruined in a New York minute), but they don’t exactly look like they’re designed with practical purposes in mind, so I guess they could be good for a special occasion. Just a little more practical, meanwhile, are these heart-print flats:

heart-print shoes

ASOS ‘Leah’ pointed ballet flats, £20

I generally avoid ankle straps on flats, because my legs are short enough in flat shoes without cutting them off at the ankle, to emphasise the effect. I love the print on these shoes, however: both the hearts + stripes combination and the mint + black colourway are very “me”, and for £20 I might be willing to give these a whirl.

Finally, keeping with the “low heel/ ankle strap” theme (I know I said I don’t like to make trend predictions, but if I was going to make a prediction, this would be it), here’s a little something to brighten up your day:

bright yellow shoes

ASOS ‘Speechless’ bright yellow heels, £28

These are probably a bit TOO bright for some of you, but if you don’t mind making a statement, I think they’d look great with black and white stripes, say: or just black on its own, if you’d rather keep things a little more toned-down!

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