ASOS PEONY Patent Bow Platform Court Shoe

White platforms with black bow

These shoes have left me feeling a bit conflicted. You see, I really like the shape of them, and I love the little bow on the toe, which manages to be just a little bit different from all of the other bows-on-toes we see. But bright white shoes are always a little off-putting to me: I can’t help but think that I’d feel a bit like a cartoon character in them, and the other available colourway isn’t my favourite either:

It’s an interesting combination, sure: in fact, I think this may be the first time I’ve seen orange, pink and blue, all in the same shoe. But as for wearing these, well, it would be easy enough to throw them on with a black dress, I guess, but I’ll be honest: I probably wouldn’t, which is a shame, because I do like the style.

What do you think of these? They’re £65, and you can click here to buy them at ASOS.


  • I contemplated writing about them as well, but I decided I really didn’t like them in the end. At first I thought they were interesting though, but the more I look at them, the more they put me off, especially the coloured version.

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