Shoeper Sale Alert | Boden ‘Boho’ boots in gold

Boden Boo boots in gold

Boden ‘Boho’ boots, £64.50

I’m happy to say I have absolutely no need for these boots right now: the weather’s still much too warm to even think of encasing my feet in leather all the way up to the ankles, and long may that continue. I’m featuring Boden’s gold leather ‘Boho’ boots, however, because:

a) They’re now on sale, for the reduced price of £64.50


b) I’ve added them to my basket, but can’t really justify checking out, even at that much lower price (They WERE £129), so I’m hoping that by writing about them, and styling an outfit around them, I’ll be able to get them out of my system. Either that, or I’ll decide I absolutely MUST have them, meaning this post will backfire on me horribly. We’ll see.

Ankle boots – or boots of any kind, for that matter – don’t generally set my world on fire the way a great pair of stilettos does, but I do appreciate a nice ankle boot, and as I’ve been making an effort to wear more casual (and practical) clothes lately, I think these could be a great addition to the winter wardrobe. The shape is simple, stylish and looks like it would be comfortable to wear, but it’s the colour that really appeals to me here. Although the words “gold ankle boots” suggest something very tacky, the reality is totally different, and the colour manages to be unusual without being garish. I’m a huge fan of gold shoes, which are as versatile as “nude” ones, but a little bit dressier, and I suspect the same could be said of these boots. They look like the kind of thing that would be practical, but still fun to to wear, and I’m all for that.

Here’s one way I’d wear them:

Boden gold boho boots

♥  Dorothy Perkins dress   ♥  Vila jersey blazer  ♥  Marc by Marc Jacobs bag  ♥  Marc by Marc Jacobs watch  

Although I said these would be perfect for winter, this outfit is one that would probably work around about now, and into early autumn, too. Which REALLY doesn’t help me convince myself not to buy them, does it?

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