River Island red contrast toe pointed court shoes

red pointed toe court shoes

River Island red contrast toe pointed court shoes, £50

I don’t think there’s ever really a time when red court shoes are OUT of fashion, exactly, but there sure seem to be a lot of them around at the moment (Or maybe it’s just that the ones that are available have some kind of strange magnetic quality which draws me right to them? The sheer number of red shoes I own and write about would suggest there may be some truth in that theory…), which I for one am certainly not complaining about.

These ones are by River Island, and really remind me of some of the court shoes I was buying  from them a few years ago: proof either that shoe fashion really is cyclical, or that shoes like these never really go out of fashion – you decide. These have a red suede upper with a contrasting leather toe, which creates a tiny little sweetheart vamp.As for the rest of the shoe, well, it’s nothing we haven’t seen a thousand times before: as I’ve mentioned in the past, one of the problems with the classic court is that there’s only so many things you can do to “reinvent it”. I like these shoes for the fact that they haven’t tried TOO hard to re-invent the heel (boom boom!), but have made it just different enough to stand out.

Here’s how I’d wear these:

white jeans red shoes

White jeans, red shoes and trenchcoat:

♥  FRAME denim cropped jeans   ♥  Jigsaw tank ♥  Michael Kors bag  ♥  Coach classic short trench ♥  Fossil gold belt NARS lip gloss

Just in case you hadn’t guessed, I’m really into the “all white” look at the moment, and this is a way to transition that look into the cooler weather: neutral, but with just a little splash of colour!

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