Dolce & Gabbana asymmetric patent leather cutout booties

dolce-gabbana-cutout-bootI had thought the time to be looking at anything that could even remotely be described as a “boot” had long since passed this year, but the awful weather we had over the weekend has persuaded me that, actually, a good pair of ankle or shoe boots could actually be a very sound buy at this time of year, when the weather is wet, but not cold enough for “proper” boots.

These asymmetric shoe boots by Dolce & Gabbana would be my first choice of such footwear, if only my budget could stretch that far. They’re cut high on the foot, and are made of patent leather, so your feet won’t get soaked in a summer shower, but they don’t compromise anything on style – in fact, quite the opposite. They’re sleek, sexy, and will work with everything from pencil skirts to skinny jeans: well, you have to justify the $550 price somehow, don’t you?

BUY: Dolce & Gabbana asymmetric patent leather cutout booties


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