Dorothy Perkins Pale Blue Pointed Court Shoes

Pale Blue Pointed Court Shoes

Dorothy Perkins pale blue pointed court shoes, £25

I think 2014 will go down in shoe history (Or ‘shoestory’, as I like to think of it…) as the year of the pale blue pump. (And, in my case, the year of the pale blue skirt. And cardigan.) There’s been tons of this shade around, and this week Dorothy Perkins jumped aboard the bandwagon, with these cheap n’ cheerful little pumps, which are also available in mint green – decisions, decisions!

These are normally £25, but at  the time of writing they’ve been reduced to £20 due to a Dorothy Perkins promotion. I’ve noticed Dorothy Perkins seem to release new discount codes every few days at the moment, though, so if you miss out on the current sale, don’t worry – it shouldn’t be too long before another one comes along, and then maybe you can justify buying both colours. Or is it just me who thinks like that?

Other than the colour, there’s not a whole lot to say about these shoes, as they’re a pretty standard shape. The upper, as you’ll have guessed from the price, is a man-made one, and the heel is around 4″, which is high, but not too high to be walkable. These shoes are all about the colour, though: a pastel shade is a nice way to make a court shoe a little more interesting, and the closed toe means these don’t have to be a summer-only purchase, either.

Here’s one possible way to wear them:

what to wear with pale blue pumps

♥  Oasis floral shift dress   ♥  Vivienne Westwood messenger bag  ♥ Oliver Bonas oversized sunglasses 

This is the second shift dress I’ve featured today: they’re not a style I can pull off myself, but I envy those who can – they always look so effortlessly stylish, and with a print like this one, who needs anything else?

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