Heroes or Villains? Brian Atwood Alesha Patent Leather Peep Toe Platform Pumps

Brian Atwood high platform shoes

OK: I think it’s time for shoe designers to step away from the platform-making machine, don’t you?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a big Brian Atwood fan. My love for his shoes is almost as big as… well, the platform on this one, basically. But these? These look to me like they’ve just eaten something. Something HUGE. Something they really shouldn’t have eaten, because LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THEIR BELLY PLATFORM!

Either that, or these are actually pregnant with lots of little shoes. That would be… kinda cool? OK, no, you’re right, it wouldn’t.

Is it just me? What do you think of these, folks? Shoeperheroes, or Shoepervillains?

(Click here if you want to buy them.)


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