Diane Von Furstenberg Glitter and Patent Leather Knee-High Boots

Diane Von Furstenberg glitter knee high boots

Diane Von Furstenberg Glitter and Patent Leather Knee-High Boots, £330

You know how I’ve spent the past few weeks complaining about how boring boots can be? I think I might have to stand corrected, because these Diane Von Furstenberg knee boots are so much the opposite of “boring” that they go some way towards making up for all of the endless, dull pairs of black or brown boots we’re subjected to every winter. That doesn’t mean I’d actually WEAR them, of course: I still struggle to see how useful glitter-covered boots would really be (the type of event I’d typically wear glitter to really wouldn’t be the type of event I’d wear knee high boots to), but still: these offer further proof that it IS possible for designers to create boots that have the ability to make me sit up and take notice, and the more pairs of boots like that exist, they happier I’ll be.

Would you wear these?

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  • I don’t particularly care for them. Even if they weren’t clothing imposters (surprised you didn’t see the pump at the bottom of the boot, Amber), it’s just too much glitter for the part usually hidden by my pants leg.

  • I wouldn’t wear them, but not because of the glitter. It’s because of the weird black shoe part at the bottom. That’s just wrong.

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