River Island light green peep toe bow shoes

mint green peep toe bow shoes

I kinda wish I hadn’t seen these.

I mean, look at them. The green colour, the bow: they may as well have my name on them. And while I do own enough pairs of dark green shoes to have been able to successfully talk myself out of the various new pairs that have tempted me this year, I don’t have a pair in this particular shade of green. Which is, like, totally different you guys! Ahem.

Anyway, River Island have been using this very distinctive bow shape (now copied by various other brands) all year, and I’ve loved it every time. This time they’ve put it on the heel of the shoe, rather than on the toe, and it works rather well there, too:

This is the coral version, which is slightly less lust-worthy to me, but which I wouldn’t kick off the shoe shelves, if they were to magically appear there.

These are £85, and you can click here to buy them from River Island.


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