Create an Audrey Hepburn style capsule wardrobe

Audrey Hepburn Style Capsule Wardrobe

A few days ago,  I noticed someone had found this site having Googled the phrase “Audrey Hepburn style capsule wardrobe”. Now, that person must have left here disappointed, because while I’ve created a nautical-inspired capsule wardrobe and a summer capsule wardrobe, I’ve never done an Audrey Hepburn-style capsule. Until now, that is, because as soon as I saw the search term, I realised there SHOULD be an Audrey Hepburn-style capsule wardrobe post, because isn’t that an awesome idea?

I know it’s a giant cliché, but if I had to choose one person  whose style I had to emulate, Audrey Hepburn would be that person. Classic, sophisticated, and, above all, SIMPLE, Audrey’s style is timeless, making it easy to emulate without fear of it ever looking dated. Although I’ve created this capsule wardrobe purely for fun, it would also be a good basis for anyone looking to create a whole new wardrobe from scratch, as it consists of fairly basic, versatile pieces, which would work for almost any situation, providing the perfect building blocks from which you can go on to create a style that’s truly your own. If, perish the thought, my wardrobe went up in flames, and I had to start all over again, these are exactly the kind of items I’d buy: and while this capsule relies heavily on black, you can easily switch that out for whatever your own favourite “neutral” is, if black isn’t your thing.

In the Audrey Hepburn Style Capsule Wardrobe:

Black dress  ♥  Red dress  ♥  Black turtleneck  ♥ Stripe top

pencil skirt  ♥ full skirt  capri pants 

♥  high heels ♥  flats ♥  sunglasses pearls

Coat  ♥ white shirt  ♥  red cardigan ♥  Eyeliner

And here are just a few of the outfits you could create with this Audrey Hepburn style capsule: these looks aren’t all 100% Audrey-inspired, but by including key elements such as the oversized sunglasses or cat’s eye liner with simple, well-cut pieces, you can easily create the same basic look:

Audrey Hepburn style outfits from small capsule wardrobe

The Ultimate Collection of Capsule Wadrobes


  • I love this capsule wardrobe…It pretty closely resembles my actual wardrobe, but the way that you put together these outfits is absolutely perfect. I’ve never worn my b+w striped top with my black pencil skirt, and you’ve inspired me to do that tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Exactly. I could spend the rest of my existence in this collection, just throw in some flats and fabulous silk pajamas, and be perfectly happy. Love how you pulled it all together!

  • This is a truly beautiful and inspiring collection. Late last night after stumbling upon this post, I went to my closet, pulled out all my black and white garments, and started dreaming and planning.

  • Cute. I don’t quite understand the one with the pants & red cardigan, and the 2 skirts with the red cardigan. None of them have a top shown. Is the cardigan supposed to act as a shirt in those 3 outfits?

  • I can’t find the black dress! The link isn’t working! HELP! I’ve been looking for a similar dress for YEARS! Lol this is beautiful

  • HI! I know this post is a bit old, but I do love it. The one change I would make is the heels. Audrey didn’t wear high heels (except once). She loved ballet flats and low heels, as did many actresses of her day.

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