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classic capsule wardrobe

As I mentioned back at the start of the month, I’m aiming to create a new capsule wardrobe for every month. (“Aiming to” being the operative words here…)

Every so often, though, a retailer will release what I think of as a “mini capsule” – i.e. a small collection of clothes that all work so perfectly together that I just can’t resist throwing them all together and calling it a capsule wardrobe: or a “mini capsule”, really. I’ll be honest – most of these will probably be like this one: collections of classic items that never go out of style. I know that’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s the style I’m most drawn to right now, and I also think it’s the style that best encapsulates the capsule wardrobe philosophy which, for many people, represents a shift in their shopping habits, and a move towards investing in timeless classics that never go out of style.

Anyway, this week Topshop was the retailer that somehow managed to peek inside my mind and create a small selection of clothing that I think would make for a perfect mini capsule wardrobe. And here it is:

classic capsule wardrobe


blue jeans; black jeans; trench; biker jacket; scarf

red skirt; black skirt; turtleneck; Breton

ankle boots; flats

These “mini capsules”, of course, aren’t comprehensive or varied enough to provide you with a huge amount of options, as you’d get from a “regular” capsule wardrobe. They are, however, handy for travel, or any other time when your closet space is very limited, and they can also be a useful starting point for people who’d like to create a capsule wardrobe of their own. I, for instance, will never switch to a TRUE capsule wardrobe, but I do like to create one from my clothes every season or so, and I then keep that “capsule” separate from everything else, so I know I always have “the basics” available, and I always have something to wear. That way I still get to wear and enjoy all of my other clothes, while still reaping the benefits that a capsule wardrobe can bring: works for me!

outfit combinations created from a classic capsule wardrobe

The Ultimate Collection of Capsule Wadrobes

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