Minimal 16-Piece Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2015

minimal capsule wardrobe for spring 2015

I didn’t get round to creating a capsule wardrobe for winter this year, but with the stores filling up with spring wares, I thought it was probably time to skip ahead to spring, anyway!

Last year’s spring capsule was based on a nautical theme, using all of the things I tend to associate with spring fashion. This year, I’ve decided to create a very minimal capsule wardrobe instead, using just 16 pieces to create the kind of capsule that will either provide the building blocks for the rest of your spring wardrobe, or perhaps provide inspiration on how to pack for an upcoming trip.

As with all of the capsule wardrobes I’ve created for this series, I have to add the disclaimer that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to dressing. The items in this capsule are designed to provide the basics from which you can start to build your own personal style: they’re not designed to suit all people, or all situations, so if the colours or styles don’t work for you, I hope you’ll view this collection as inspiration to create your own!

Inside the minimal capsule wardrobe:

yellow trench  / moto jacket / scarf black jeans / blue jeans

pink sweater / black sweater / cream cardigan / grey t-shirt / lace-front top

black bag / sunglasses / shift dress / pencil skirt / black flats / gold peep toes 

For this capsule, I’ve drawn on some of the spring classics, such a trench coats and cropped pants, and added in just a couple of bits of colour to a mostly neutral palette. As always, the key to creating a capsule wardrobe is to avoid including any “orphans” (i.e. items which can only be worn one way, or with specific other pieces), and to make sure everything can be mixed and matched.

Here are some outfits I’ve created from this minimal capsule wardrobe:

selection of outfits created from a 16-piece minimal capsule wardrobe


The Ultimate Collection of Capsule Wadrobes


  • A lot of people have already owned most of these basic items. Simple and nice but no surprises, I was expecting better given your tract records. I prefer your Spring capsule 2014.

    • I’m sorry you’re disappointed, Kate. I’m very aware that not every single post will appeal to every single reader, but actually, the whole point of this capsule was that it be simple, basic items, that people might already own. I’m not trying to provide “surprises” – that’s not my style, and it’s not really the purpose of a capsule wardrobe.

  • I find these capsules really helpful. I don’t have all that many clothes and find I buy too many tops and not enough bottoms. These give me ideas about a couple of things to buy to help me make the most of the rest of my wardrobe.
    Emily x

  • I love this. Sophisticated, a little unexpected, and very doable. I am substituting mint for pink. The curry color is different but I find it grounds lighter colors and goes well with navy.

  • I’m trying really hard to create a capsule wardrobe at the moment, as I waste too much money on clothes! I also need to do this on a limited budget. this has given me some good guidelines, thank you!

  • I’ve been Googling capsule wardrobes and stumbled across this blog. Loved this article! Spring 2015 I feel can be taken into Autumn 2015 with ease. I have some of these items already so it’s not been difficult to pick up the rest. And of course, accessorising is a must – whatever the outfit!

    I’m not sure if my “user error” on the iPhone means I missed something, but where these items came from would have been super handy.

    I look forward to the next instalment!

    • All of the items are listed in the post, so I think it must be an iphone errpr – it’s an old post, though, so I’d imagine most of them will be sold out by now!

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