Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2014

summer capsule wardrobe 2014

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2014

I’ve shown you a capsule wardrobe for spring, and my ultimate capsule wardrobe, so I guess now we’re almost halfway through June, it’s time for the summer capsule wardrobe!

It’s my intention to create one of these capsules for each season, using items available at the time, but I have to admit, this one was a little tricky. The fact is, in “real life”, my summer capsule wardrobe would look very similar to the one I created for spring: there’s really not much difference in the weather between the two seasons (or between autumn and winter, for that matter), so it would be easy enough to make the summer capsule stretch all the way to early autumn. Easy, perhaps, but no one wants to wear the same clothes for months on end, so in order to create this summer capsule wardrobe, I’ve taken the liberty of pretending I live somewhere with more distinct seasons: i.e. somewhere you might actually NEED a summer capsule wardrobe!

With that said, this may be a summer capsule wardrobe, but I’ve also tried to take account of those times when the weather’s not so warm, so there are some chunky knits and longer trousers in here too, for chilly evenings, or the odd rainy day. Even when I’m travelling somewhere hot, I’ll always pack a lightweight jacket or summer knit, if only to combat the icy air-con most places use, so I’ve included quite a few layering pieces which can easily be discarded or ignored.  And yes, I DID only use two pairs of shoes: well, it IS supposed to be a capsule wardrobe, after all!

Here are the items I used:

Top row:   ♥  Denim jacket   ♥  Mint chunky knit sweater   ♥  White cardigan  ♥  Hat  ♥  Sunglasses

Second row:   ♥  Floral dress  ♥  Polka dot dress  ♥  gingham skirt   ♥  white skirt

Third row:   ♥  Pink capris    ♥   mint shorts   ♥  white tee  ♥  floral top  ♥  black bardot

Final row:   ♥  pink sandals   ♥  black belt  ♥   mint bag  ♥  flat sandals  ♥  gold belt

And here are some of the outfits I’ve created from this capsule:

summer capsule wardrobe 2014

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2014: 27 outfits from 19 items


  • I came for the cherry sweater and stayed for all your wonderful posts which I have read through thoroughly while avoiding my PhD work over the past few days. Will you be putting together a Fall or Winter capsule? ::::hopes the answer is yes:::::

  • Great!! I’m so excited I found your blog. Just seeing how you mix and match has inspired me to change up my favorite pairings. I’m a PhD student and dressing well is what helps me survive my weekly 700+ pages of reading and writing assignments.

  • No need for a summer capsule – soo lucky! I have two for work and two for leisure. Early summer and late summer. I spend summer waiting to see those autumn (fall) leaves changing colour!

  • Thank you so much for doing these capsule wardrobes! They are very helpful and inspiring x any chance of doing a winter one? P.S. I particularly like the Audrey Hepburn one! Rita xx

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