Melissa Talking II Pumps

Melissa Talking 2 pumps
I’ve mentioned Melissa’s ‘Talking’ pumps before here, and while I’ve so far managed to restrict my obsession with this brand – and plastic shoes in general – to the Lady Dragon range, I must admit, I’m still regularly tempted by “Talking”, which I think would be a good solution to those rainy days when you don’t want to ruin your pretty shoes, but still want to WEAR pretty shoes. Which, let’s face it, is EVERY rainy day, really.

The shoes shown above are “Talking II”, and they come in a different range of colours, and with a couple of new toe embellishments. I (predictably) like the bow, but the chain version is rather cute too, and while I can’t imagine wearing these every day, when viewed as stylish rain shoes, I’m sure I could find some space for them on the shelves.

If you could too, these are $115, and you can click here to buy them from Karmaloop.


  • I’m with you on the Lady Dragons, but I really don’t like these or the original Talkings. They just look to plastic-y… Do love the Skyscrapers though, especially in red or black.

  • Come on: they are PLASTIC. They should charge you 1/10th of what they ask.
    Personally I LOVED only the clogs Melissa made, those resembling to dutch wooden clogs. They were supercute but they disappeared almost instantly (they have always impossible to find)

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