Rose gold sandals: the new nude shoe

rose gold sandals by River island

I’ve talked a lot in the past (Like, REALLY a lot) about rose gold, and how I love it on evening shoes (and also on watches, and just about everything else it can be applied to…), but it also makes a glamorous alternative to nude shoes, and as spring starts to get closer (or at least I HOPE spring is getting closer!), my mind has turned to rose gold sandals, which I’d wear with absolutely everything. Floral dresses? Check. Fun midi skirts? Check? Jeans or tailored trousers? Check, and check: the shoes in the image above (which are from River Island) might look a little on the dressy side at first glance, but because the colour isn’t too “in your face”, you’ll be able to dress them down fairly easily – or as much as pair of stiletto sandals can ever be “dressed down”, anyway!

Here are some more pairs of rose gold sandals:

Of all of the shoes in this gallery, I think my favourites are these ones by Little Mistress, which, conveniently enough, are also one of the cheapest pairs – it’s not often that happens!

rose gold sandals by Little Mistress

These are incredibly simple, but with a really lovely, curved shape, which I really love. I think they (or any rose gold sandals, for that matter) would look great with a pair of black skinny jeans/trousers, and a top like this one, also from River Island:

silk floral top

Just add a cardigan or lightweight jacket if you’re feeling chilly, and you have an easy, springtime look, that could be dressy or casual, as required. And it all started with a pair of rose gold sandals…

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