Casadei blue suede shoe boots

Blue suede shoe boots by Casadei

blue high heels

cobalt blue suede shoe boots with high heels

Casadei blue suede shoe boots, £640

The winter collections have only just started to arrive, so I may be jumping the gun here, but I have a feeling boots are going to be a little  more interesting this year than they usually are. This is very good news indeed.

Take these Casadei heels, for instance. I’d call them shoe boots rather than “ankle boots”, which is how they were described at ShoeScribe, but who really cares what you call them when they’re this pretty, no?

Actually, it’s mostly the colour that attracts me to these: a fact I’m sure will come as no surprise at all to my regular readers, who are very used to me going nuts over anything in this particular shade of cobalt blue. It’s actually a shade I find a little difficult to wear in shoes, to be honest: I have a few pairs this colour or similar, but while I love the look of them, they’re so very bright that I find I don’t wear them as often as I expected to when I bought them. I think that’s a situation I need to work on changing, though, because it’s a colour that’s more versatile than you might think, and it works particularly well with denim, which is always an easy option if you’re wondering what to wear.

These shoes have a long, pointed toe and a cut-out on the side, which will allow you wear a contrasting colour of socks/tights underneath, for added effect. I’d probably go with plain black, because I think the upper is bright enough as it is, but if you’re feeling brave, you can always go for something clashing or coordinating in an equally bold colour!

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