Yves Saint Laurent black ‘Opyum’ pumps

Black suede high heeled shoes by Yves Saint Laurent

I know Halloween was last weekend, but I have another costume party to go to this Saturday, so it’s still Spooky Season as far as I’m concerned, and these shoes seem to fit right in, somehow: can’t you just imagine them on the feet of an elegant witch? Or am I just struggling to find ways to justify buying designer shoes, again? OK, moving on…

As well as being sophisticated in a rather dark and spooky kind of way (think Morticia from The Adams Family), these have a wonderful vintage feel to them, and are just crying out to be worn with beautiful, tailored pieces, red lipstick and a slightly tragic air. Or, you know, whatever else you like, because these are black pumps, and it’s hard to go wrong with them.

I love the folded-over tongue and the gold chain detail on these. I don’t love the £539 price-tag, but if you do, you can click here to pay it.


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