Zara blue suede crossover sandals

blue suede crossover sandals

I know what you’re thinking. Crossover sandals? From Zara? Didn’t we do this one already?

Well, yes, we did. Last week, in fact. But it’s OK, because this is a different crossover sandal, in terms of both colour, shape and price: while the red shoes I showed you last week were £69.99, these are just £39.99, presumably because the first pair were leather, and these are man-made. (But also, let’s face it, because they’re from Zara, where prices tend to be either very reasonable or very expensive, with little middle ground.)

It was the blue version which caught my eye (But of course…), but these are also lovely in this black and tan colourway:

These are also £39.99: click here to buy them at Zara.


  • Hay!
    I’m looking for a pair of these beautiful blue sandals (Zara). Because this is an old collection, I can’t find them anywhere.
    I’ve already looked for an alternative, but I fell in love with these ones :s
    If somebody want to sell them or know where I could find these beauties, please let me know!
    Size: 39/40 (6/ 6,5 UKsize)

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