B Brian Atwood Francoise Crystal-Detail Suede Platform Pum

B Brian Atwood green suede pumps

These shoes are one of those “have to be seen from the back” numbers. That’s not because the front is unremarkable: on the contrary, the green suede upper on these is right up my street, and I’d probably still have liked them even if they didn’t come with a generous smattering of crystals all over the platform and heel.

But if you thought the front of these shoes was nice, you just HAVE to see the back:

B Brian Atwood Francoise

See what I mean? I love it when designers carry some kind of detail from the upper through onto the sole like this: it’s the kind of attention to detail that really helps to set a shoe apart, and while the concept of crystals on the soles of my shoes would probably have me terrified of ruining them, I think the arch is so far from the ground in this case, thanks to the generous platform, that it needn’t be too much of a concern. You might want to steer clear of cobbles in them, though…

These are by B Brian Atwood and they’re $395 at Neiman Marcus: click here to buy a pair.


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