Sigerson Morrison ‘Dali’ wedge sandals

Sigerson Morrison Dali wedges

I’d actually earmarked these shoes to show you a couple of weeks ago, but they sold out almost instantly, so I didn’t manage to get round to it: obviously I’m not the only one who liked them, then!

These are by Sigerson Morrison, and I think they’re another great example of how to do perspex on shoes right. The plastic section on the wedge heel here is anything but tacky, and instead helps to give the shoe a very modern, stylized kind of feel. The two-tone upper, meanwhile, is also muted enough to make sure these look sophisticated, rather than stripper-ish, which can so often be the fate of perspex-heeled shoes.

These are available in very limited sizes at Shopbop (click here to check if yours is one of them), but I also spotted a version with a blue upper at Barney’s, and you can get those here.


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