Aquazzura Candy Studs Daquiri Pumps

Aquazzura Candy Studs Daquiri Pumps

Aquazzura Candy Studs Daquiri Pumps, 775 euros

“Hey, those remind me of candy!” I thought when first I laid eyes on these Aquazzura pumps. And sure enough, “Candy” is what they’re called: appropriate, huh?

These are a delicious mix of pink and green and yellow and white and.. oh, probably a few other colours, too. They’re very sweet, but also kinda sexy, with that baby blue (another shade to add to that list!) strap snaking its way up the ankle, not to mention the low cut vamp.

Very pale suede dotted with candy-coloured crystals isn’t the most practical of uppers, unfortunately, and that fact makes them seem even more expensive, but in their defence these are part of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, and while you can pre-order them now, they won’t actually be delivered until the weather is (hopefully) a little more shoe-friendly!

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  • These seem to say “Classy Katy Perry” to me and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    I do love the idea of polka dotted shoes with loads of spring colors that would let you match a seemingly impractical pattern with nearly every sundress in your wardrobe.

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