Shoe Kryptonite: Jerome C. Rousseau ‘Oz’ silver open toed sandals

silver designer shoes with high heels and open toe gg

Jerome C. Rousseau ‘Oz’ silver open toed sandals, £400

Wow. describes these shoes as “breath-taking” and all I can to that is they’re definitely not wrong.

These shoes have a story. This makes me happy: I love a shoe with a story, don’t you? They were created by Jermone C. Rousseu exclusively for ShoeScribe, and they’re inspired by the movie Oz The Great and Powerful: which, co-incidentally, was released on the day I found these shoes last week. I think that’s probably a sign that I should go see the movie at least, although I’m REALLY hoping it’s a sign that I should buy the shoes. Or better still, that they’ll magically appear on my shoe shelves. Well, it’s a movie about a magical land: that’s not TOO far-fetched, surely?

Regardless of what inspired these shoes, though, I think they’re absolutely stunning, and the kind of shoes you’d want to keep FOREVER, just because they’re so very special.

These were designed in honour of ShoeScribe’s first birthday. In the year it’s been around, ShoeScribe has become one of my favourite destination for total shoe eye-candy, so I wish them a very happy birthday: and I can’t think of a better shoe to celebrate it with!

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