ASOS HUNT Super High Leather Wedges with Egyptian Print

Egyptian print wedges ASOS

On any other item, and in any other colours, this print wouldn’t really appeal to me.

On these super-high ASOS wedges, however, and in  this particular tan and black mix, I could definitely be tempted: all of those angles give them an almost architectural feel somehow, and the gold toe contributes to the overall effect, creating the illusion that the platform is angled much more steeply than it really is.

As for the platform itself: it’s 2.4″ high, which is actually higher than some heels, now I come to think of it. This heel, meanwhile, is a staggering 6″. My Giuseppe Zanotti wedges are around the same height, as are my Carvela ‘Grass’ peep toes, so I think these would be easier to walk in than appearances might suggest: you will most definitely need a head for heights, though!

ASOS ‘Hunt‘, £95: click here to buy them.


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